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Millenial Perspective
Openness is second nature
There’s no better time than NOW!
There’s no such thing as a stranger (rank and social order are less relevant)
Less boundaries than any other generation when it comes to access of information and people

Beware,  YOU MUST  Be Aware —
The Internet as a Gateway
Opens new channels for criminals to conduct criminal activities (social media, text/video chat rooms, and more)
Networks such as TOR , KIK allow high anonymity and perpetrate sharing of adolescent criminal content

Our e-world —
Social Media allows us to …
Stay in touch with family/friends from afar
(Re) connect with distant friends
Get instant info: news, births, deaths, events…
Telecommute / Work remotely
Take advantage of time-saving tools
Express ourselves and causes (blog, email, text message)
Gather information at our fingertips in mere seconds
Be ‘green’ (QR code boarding passes!)
Learn about others
Deployments are stressful, but careful preparation will allow you and your family to work together to minimize any additional stress the separation may cause 

Deployments are stressful, but careful preparation will allow you and your friends to work together to minimize any additional stress the separation may cause 

veteran sleep disorder.pdf
Sleep problems among active duty military members and veterans are all too common. In recent years we’ve seen a growing body of research exploring the problems associated with soldiers’ sleep—and unfortunately, much of the news has not been good. Both activity duty personnel and veterans of the military are at significantly greater risk for sleep disorders than the public at large. Sleep problems often coincide and contribute to other health problems for active duty soldiers and veterans, complicating their return from deployment and combat and elevating their risk for a number of serious physical and mental health problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. ​

Everyone is run ragged and spread too thin, planning, cooking, working around conflicting family schedules, and organizing transitioning kids.
Blended families have additional stresses that may include –
spending time with ex-spouses and multiple sets of grandparents,
visiting kids who may be homesick for the other parent,
loneliness if your child is spending time with the other parent,
step sibling rivalry,
competitive gift giving,
a bunch of children who may be over excited and over indulged transitioning between households.

 THE HOLIDAYS are you coming or going.pdf

Getting ready …
Ways you can help visitors
feel more at home
So how do YOU ?????

There’s this idea that holiday gatherings with family are supposed to be joyful and stress-free.  That’s not the case. Family relationships are complicated. But that doesn’t mean that the solution is to skip the holidays entirely.

The holidays offer plenty of reasons to be stressed out and anxious -- the gifts you haven’t wrapped, the pile of cookie exchange invites, the office parties. But for many, the biggest source of holiday stress is family -- the family dinner, the obligations, and the burden of family tradition.

Adopting a pet is known to lower your stress level -- with animals the leading approach to destress.   Not only will you be saving yourself some stress, who wants a stress ball when you can have a cuddle buddy. By adopting you will also be getting a helpless animal off the street
It has been proven in many studies that something as simple as playing with your pet may lower stress level and produce more Oxytocin aka less stress

Not only it’s important to eat healthy, but being physically active as well. Combining a healthy diet and exercise can help lengthen a person’s life.
When combing both factors you can assure to notice results faster in feeling better and maintain a healthy weight. The results would also be long term when modifying your lifestyle for the better.