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Psychologist & Licensed Professional Counselor, Karen Perez, takes you on a journey helping you toward your success in life .....
About Me
In addition to being a psychologist, I have been a professor for about 15 years now. I enjoy teaching both online and in the classroom – both have interesting components to the process.  I enjoy traveling with my husband and two “children”  -- Maizy, our Yorkie, and Twittin, our Tuxedo cat.  There is always something going on, somewhere to be, or something to do with them and I enjoy them all.
  1. I am here to show you the path
  2. I am here to light the way
  3. I am here to ring the bell
  4. I am here to organize your life
  5. I am here to open your eyes
  6. I am here to talk and solve your problems
Professional Presentations
In-services and Seminars

Have developed and presented the following seminar lectures-presentations in employment in-services, teacher, staff or parent group meetings and in-services, and church groups to address problems including family relations, staff cooperation, community support and problem issues

ADA:  When It Should Be Used
Alcoholism & Domestic Violence
Breaking Romances & Maintaining Friendships/Relationships
Case Management:  The Inside Scoop & Outside Gossip (Internal Case Manager vs. External Case Manager)
Chronic Illnesses – Catastrophic Injuries:  The Myriad of Roles Within
Communication Skills
Concussion in Sports: Evaluation & Management
Creating An Assertive Self
DISABILITY ANALYSTS:  A System Perspective from A to Z
Ethics In The Workplace
Expressive Arts Therapy:  Another Tool To Use During Psychotherapy
Holiday Stress:  The Seven F’s of Holiday Friction
Just Say "NO" (Substance Abuse)
Planning Your Wardrobe To Project The Professional Image
Repeat Injuries at the Workplace:  Who, What, When, Where & Why
Role of the Teacher in Substance Abuse
Sexuality & Disability:  A Process of Life
Stress Management & Goal Setting
Substance Abuse: The Addicted
Substance Abuse: The Family
The Athlete: Psychology of Addiction
The Disease Process of Addiction
The General Guidelines of FMLA
The Psychosocial Process of Short-Term Disability through Long-Term Disability
Transitional Return to Work Process vs. ADA
Women As a Minority

Case Management Society of America
National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists
American Association for Counseling & Development
National Career Development Association
American Rehabilitation Counseling Association
National Employment Counseling Association
American Mental Health Counselors Association
National Association for Female Executives